Ringing, 2 May 2022

We had a special visitor tonight! While waiting for Andrew, a small dog came into the house! That caused a bit of a ruckus while we called the owner and left a message, all while looking on the street to see if someone was out looking for a lost dog. At one point, I let go of the dog, and she took off down the street. About 15 minutes later, I got a call. The owner was returning my call, saying that while he was finding a leash to come to the house, Betty had appeared safe and sound. So it all worked out, thankfully.

Anyway, after all the excitement, we were three tonight. Andrew, Jane, and Randy. We decided to start with a touch of St. Clements College Bob, which Jane called from 5/6, while Randy rang the trebles and Andrew rang 3/4. We succeeded on the first attempt, at a fairly good pace! When asked, Jane said that it was a 120 length touch, so not a quarter peal by any stretch, but fun nonetheless.

After that, we decided to ring some Original, and spent a good half hour ringing and crashing and ringing some more. We seem to be getting better, and miraculously at one point during our ringing, we came back to rounds! We can’t guarantee that the method was true. But it was fun to get to a clean stopping point.

Jane then decided that we needed some lessons, and so we talked for another 30 minutes about coursing order, and how bobs and singled in different places affect that order. We talked about bobs at home, at wrong, at middle, and at between (the latter two mostly when ringing 8 or more bells). It was a good discussion, and I feel that I learned something. Though we only spent a few minutes putting that into practice, by Andrew calling a quick touch (wrong, wrong, wrong) and then Randy calling a quick touch (the same). The caller rang 5/6, and the others rang other bells, and I’m not sure I could say who rang what at this point.

We closed with a fast plain course of bob minor, and it went beautifully the second time. I don’t want to talk about the first attempt. 🙂

Andrew brought some avocados from his tree, and we split them between us. So I will be happily enjoying avocados for the next week or so. Yum!

Ringing, 2 May 2022