One more quarter peal

Do I sound like a broken record? This may be the last time I post about a quarter peal with 6 bells, as we have now almost all managed ringing one. The last time I post will be when Karen is part of the band, or a new (as yet unknown) member rings a quarter with us.

But we rang a new quarter peal today! This was exciting for a couple of reasons, besides just the thrill of ringing a quarter peal.

First, this was the first time Maggie has rung a quarter peal, ever. The first time is always cause for celebration.

Second, Maggie has been on vacation for a few weeks. She returned for a week, but has been gone essentially since 6 August. But having been gone for so long, she just stepped in and rang a quarter peal tonight. So it seems we can ring a quarter peal pretty much at will now. Which also feels like an accomplishment.

The quarter peal is listed on BellBoard.

Sadly, I neglected to photograph the band.

One more quarter peal

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