A touch of Bob Major

After the spring ring last month, we were able to recruit two new ringers. Each has only come once, but are planning on joining us more often. Say hello to Lucinda and Maleata. They may even bring in other friends of theirs. Stay tuned!

Neither was able to join us tonight for our rehearsal. So we had a band of fairly experienced ringers: Jane, Andrew, Genine, and Randy. As a result, we decided that we should start working on a quarter peal of Bob Major, never having done that.

Jane asked what we wanted to ring, and Randy said, “For about 20 minutes”, thinking that would be about one half of a quarter peal. After some consideration of what she was going to call, Jane told us to start. And 20+ minutes later we had rung a touch of 672 changes! It was very exciting, as we rung with very few mistakes, and didn’t need to stop and start over. We may be ready for a quarter peal! But probably not after a full day of work.

Jane is also teaching Andrew and Randy how to call touches. And so we spent the rest of our time tonight practicing Bob minor, with bobs being called by Andrew, and then by Randy. Andrew was successful in calling a simple bob, bob, plain, bob, bob, plain, bob, bob, plain. Sadly, Randy was not. We’ll get there.

We finished the evening with a quick plain course of Bob Major with our large bells. We tend to not ring them much, as it is a lot of effort when ringing for more than 10 minutes.

A touch of Bob Major

One thought on “A touch of Bob Major

  1. Genine Orah Rainbeau-Heart says:

    It was surely a beautiful night of ringing. So nice to have the four of us. Our “Eighth Peal” on eight bells was gorgeous and satisfying indeed. What a perfect way to welcome the summer.


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