Ringing, 11 December 2021

We had 4 people today, Andrew, Jane, Maggie, Randy, so rang major. Jane just received her booster for Covid-19, and so was a bit fuzzy-headed today, so we kept things short.

We started with a plain course of St. Clements College Bob, in the usual configuration of Andrew on the trebles, Maggie on 3/4, Jane on 5/6, and Randy on the tenors. Maybe the ringing wouldn’t win any awards, but we did finish on the first attempt! Which felt very nice.

We then moved to Little Bob in the same configuration. This oddly took more work! On the third failed attempt, we decided to start at the beginning of the penultimate lead so that we could practice the ending a few times. After what felt like forever (but was in fact probably 10 minutes), we were able to ring a plain course of Little Bob.

What next? A splice, of course. We spliced Plain Bob and Little Bob, with Andrew conducting (though Jane came up with what he would call). Plain, Little, Plain, Bob, repeat until it comes around. This also took a few attempts, but we were able to ring it at the end.

We finished with a speed run of Plain Bob, with Maggie on the trebles, Randy on 3/4, Jane on 5/6, and Andrew on the tenors. Again, we would not have won any striking contests. But we rang it on the first attempt.

And then we went home.

Thankfully we are in Southern California. So while it is chilly, we can still ring outdoors and keep separated. But that may change in the coming weeks!

Ringing, 11 December 2021

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