Ringing, 22 January 2022

We had four people today, Andrew, Jane, Maggie, and Randy. So we rang major. It has been more than a month since this band has practiced together! So we were a little rusty.

We started, as usual, with St. Clements College Bob with Andrew on the trebles, Maggie on 3/4, Jane on 5/6, and Randy on the tenors. We rang it twice with only a few bobbles here and there – not enough to cause us to halt, and I was really impressed with us! In fact, we rang it so well that Randy suggested we do a touch of that method, which we have never attempted before. Sadly, that went about as well as you would expect. To be clear, not well. We tried a few times, and never got much past the first called bob, and so decided to call a halt and do something else.

We hadn’t rung Little Bob in quite a while, and so we tried that. We started with Andrew on the trebles, Maggie on 3/4, Randy on 5/6, and Jane on the tenors. We quickly decided that was the wrong arrangement of bells, and so Randy and Andrew switched places. This was much better, and after a few false starts we were able to ring this a few times. By this time we had been ringing for an hour, and were deciding whether to call a halt or not.

We decided to ring Bob Major quickly as a final method, but then Andrew suggested a touch and we decided that sounded like great fun as a finisher. Sadly, we didn’t finish the touch, but we did get quite far (after a bad start or two), and really enjoyed ourselves. We also rang at a fairly good pace. Not as fast as our usual speed round, but fast nonetheless.

Great fun!

Ringing, 22 January 2022

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