Ringing, 6 June 2022

There were three of us tonight, Maggie, Jane, and Randy.

We started with St. Clements College Bob, with Randy on the trebles, Maggie on 3/4, and Jane on the tenors. After the third try, we were able to ring a plain course in that configuration. We rang that just to remind ourselves, since we hadn’t rung minor in a while.

Next we moved to splicing Little Bob and Plain Bob, starting with a plain course of Little Bob. After ringing that a couple of times, Jane decided that she and Maggie should switch bells, and so we had Randy on the trebles, Jane on 3/4, and Maggie on the tenors. We rang Little Bob again, and then started splicing Little and Plain Bob. We were ringing different touches of that, and never quite getting them, until we did! And it felt good. We rang a couple of different touches of that splice, with a lot of laughter when we got it wrong (mostly due to, “What method are we ringing now?!?!?!?”).

All in all, a very enjoyable evening of ringing handbells.

Ringing, 6 June 2022

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