Ringing, 28 August 2021

We had 4 people today: Randy, Maggie, Andrew, and Jane.

We started with a short ring of St. Clements College Bob major. Randy on 1/2, Maggie on 3/4, Andrew on 5/6, Jane on 7/8. We struggled with it today. In the end, we rang the entire method, but not necessarily start to finish. We rang the start, got confused, started partway through, and were able to finish.

After we got that result, we tried switching bells, with Maggie and Jane switching. We got a similar result – starting the method, getting confused, picking it up partway through, and then getting to the end.

In that same configuration (Randy, Jane, Andrew, Maggie), we were able to ring a quick plain course of Plain Bob. It is always fun to ring a familiar method and do it well!

We finished with Little Bob. Here we had Randy on 1/2, Andrew on 3/4, Jane on 5/6, Maggie on 7/8. After a false start (where we almost made it to the end!), we rang the entire method without error. So we ended on a high note.

Ringing, 28 August 2021