Weekly ringing, October 22 2015

We had a small group tonight. Just Paul and Jane and Randy. So we continued with our attempts at Kent Treble Bob minor, but just couldn’t get anywhere with it tonight. Maybe that had something to do with Randy just having returned from a week in the UK, and so still suffering from jet lag. Whatever.

So we decided to try some other things. First up was to ring a plain course of Bob Minor as fast as we could. After practicing once, we actually recorded it. The recording is on Jane’s phone, and if I ever get access to it, I will post it. We could do better, but the time of the method was 1 minute, 48 seconds. We’re working on getting it even faster.

But after recording a speedy Plain Bob Minor, we decided to try something completely different, and so Jane explained Double Bob. This is very similar to Plain Bob, except that there are half leads – when the treble is at the back, you make fifths, and bells 1-4 mix it up. (In standard notation, at the back end you do a 56.) We were able to ring that with Randy on 12, Jane on 34, and Paul on 56. We then switched bells, with Randy and Paul swapping. This didn’t go quite as smoothly, but we eventually got it. Finally, Paul wanted to ring 34, and so Jane took the trebles and we tried that. I don’t think we ever actually got through the entire method even once in that arrangement! But we will keep trying.

Sadly, tonight was the last night that Paul will be ringing with us regularly. He is moving to Wisconsin for a while. We’re hoping that he returns within a year, but we’ll see what happens.

Weekly ringing, October 22 2015

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