Minus 2, Plus 1

We regretfully lost two members this past week. Sally has moved to Alabama, and Paul to Minnesota. We’re hoping one or both will return soon. Until that time, they will be sorely missed.

But this loss was offset by the possibility of gaining a new member. Maggie came to ring with us today. She has rung in a tune ringing choir, and heard about change ringing at a recent Area 12 Spring Ring. She caught on very quickly, ringing the trebles for Plain Hunt on both 6 and 8 this evening! We’re hoping that she can ring with us more often.

While Maggie was resting from cramming all this information into her brain, Jane, Paris, Ange, and Randy started working on ringing a long touch of Bob Major. We started with a simple plain course, since Paris hasn’t rung with us for a few months. After doing so, we started with some bobs, just to get used to them. We hope to ring a celebratory quarter peal in honor of Paul’s newborn, scheduled to arrive in November. We have a lot of work to do!

Minus 2, Plus 1

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