Rehearsal, Jan 14 2016

We had a great rehearsal tonight. There were only 4 of us, allowing us to all ring all the time. We had Karen, Maggie, Lee Ann, and Randy (conductor). Karen and Maggie still consider themselves new (having each been ringing for about 5 weeks over 3 months).

Karen and Maggie had mostly just done the coursing bells on plain hunt (the trebles or tenors). Karen rang the middle set on plain hunt on 10, once before. But since we could ring a lot tonight, Randy made them both learn all pairs of plain hunt on 6 (before Lee Ann arrived), and then ring the 34 pair on plain hunt on 8. They both did fabulously!

Randy was learning and stretching a bit tonight as well. He watched everyone, and was able to help correct people when they got lost. While he has done that some in the past, tonight was much better in being able to see full patterns.

At the end of the evening, Randy explained plain bob minor to Karen and Maggie, without actually ringing any bells. So far, it all looks very confusing to them. Remember your first time?

No real milestones tonight, but some good repetitive ringing for all.

Rehearsal, Jan 14 2016

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