Rehearsal, May 25 2016

Many changes since I last posted.

The biggest news is that Jane has moved away. She was kind enough to leave the Schulmerich bells with me, so that the group can continue to ring. She took her new Whitechapel bells with her, of course. Jane can be found ringing in the San Francisco Bay Area with a group there.

Ange and Lee Ann are still in the group, but are much busier than they were a year ago, and so come much less often. We miss them when they are gone, and are always happy to see them when they are able to join us.

Genine has returned to the group full time.

Maggie and Karen are now consistent members of the group, learning and learning.

That means that Randy is working hard to be the conductor, and learning to keep everyone straight. But, as Jane says, the most important thing is to keep yourself right! And thankfully I have learned enough from Jane that I can mostly do that.

Tonight was Genine, Maggie, and Randy. We rang Plain Bob for an hour and a half. We started outside (and some of the neighbors enjoyed listening to us) with Maggie on the tenors, Genine on the trebles, and Randy on 34 (and conducting). We have fairly nailed that method with those positions, going so far as to “go again”, ringing the method twice through in one go. So we decided to switch it up a bit.

We came indoors (it was starting to get dark), and put Maggie on the trebles, Genine on the tenors, with Randy staying on 34. It took a few attempts, but we were finally able to ring Bob Minor with those positions. The milestone tonight was that, after a few more attempts, we were able to ring the full method with few, if any, hints from Randy.

All in all, it was a good night of ringing.

Rehearsal, May 25 2016

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