A special guest

We had a special guest in our rehearsal tonight! Karen’s 4yo daughter Nola joined us for a short while. She had trouble ringing the bells without help, but she rang some rounds with us, with help from Mom. Very fun!

Our band currently consists of Jane, Randy, Maggie, Karen, Genine, and Jess. We often have 5 ringers, and occasionally have 6 ringers, and sometimes have only 4. With these ringers, we are starting to make progress with bobs and singles. I am hopeful that we will do some long methods in the next few weeks, which we can post to Bell Board.

Currently, we can ring bob minor with any combination of 3 people, and almost anyone in any position. There may be some who aren’t quite as comfortable on a particular pair. But the goal is for anyone to ring any position.

We can consistently ring bob major with particular combinations. We are working to extend our capabilities in this area, trying to get everyone comfortable with all positions.

We have not rehearsed bob royal with this band at all.

Keep on!

A special guest

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