Some long lengths!

As we learn bobs for plain bob, we decided last night to try some longer length rings. And were successful!

The first step was to remember all the different permutations for bobs in the trebles. To that end, Jane called a touch with bobs at the first three leads (for a very short, 36 change touch of bob minor). The trebles do nothing except course for all three leads. Jane was ringing 56, Randy was ringing 34, and both Genine and Maggie were (separately) ringing 12. They both got through it wonderfully.

Next was to ring a longer length, with bobs called at the end of every 5th lead. There were a couple of bobbles, but again with Jane on 56 and Randy on 34, both Genine and Maggie were able to ring the trebles for the full touch! So both Genine and Maggie have now rung a 180 change touch of bob minor. We all had a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

After that, we decided to just do random bobs (with Jane calling) so that we would need to think about what we were doing at all times. We all got a workout with that. Randy can ring bobs on the trebles easily, but ringing bobs while ringing 34 is a fairly new experience, and he still needs some practice. And Genine and Maggie are learning how to ring bobs on the trebles, and doing very well.

Next up – learning singles!

Some long lengths!

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