Ringing, 25 September 2021

We had a small group today. Just Andrew, Maggie, and Randy. So we rang a lot of minor! Randy rang 1/2, Maggie rang 3/4, and Andrew rang 5/6.

We started with something we are all comfortable with – a touch of Plain Bob. It was a simple touch, with just a pair of Singles called, doubling the length of the plain course. Maggie was ringing 3/4, and so was the only one affected by the call.

We then rang St. Clements College Bob. This one took us a few tries to accomplish even a plain course. But we eventually got it, and even rang it a couple of times. At one point, Andrew decided to call a Single (again affecting only Maggie on 3/4), and we got through a couple of leads, but then failed.

We finished with Little Bob. This is such a fast a furious method! We were struggling with it, until Randy thought to call the special changes (when the treble is at the lead, and when the treble is at position 4). Once we realized how fast this was going, it was easier to get right, and we rang it a few times. Andrew was nice and didn’t call any changes.

By this time we had been ringing for more than an hour, and decided to call it a day. But we had a great time ringing!

Ringing, 25 September 2021

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