Ringing, 2 October 2021

We again had three ringers today (Jane is still out of town). Maggie, Andrew, Randy.

We started with a plain course of Plain Bob, with Randy on 1/2, Maggie on 3/4, Andrew on 5/6, and rang it successfully on the first attempt! And a fairly good pace. It was a good start to the day.

We then rang St. Clements College Bob, in the same positions. We made a few attempts, and rang it correctly a couple of times. Another success!

After St. Clements, we rang Little Bob in the same positions. Again, we rang it successfully a couple of times (after a few false starts).

At this point, we decided to switch positions and see if we could ring the same things. So we shifted the bells left – Maggie on the trebles, Andrew on 3/4, Randy on the tenors. Little Bob was our first attempt, and we again rang that correctly, though it took us a few tries before getting it right. After ringing it correctly, we rang it again, and felt really good about ourselves.

Finally, we decided on St. Clements College Bob, not switching positions. This took us a little longer to get correct, but by the end of our hour, we got it! We were thrilled, to say the least. All of us learning a new pair, and we rang it successfully. After the successful ring, we decided to call it a day (Randy has an appointment this afternoon, and needed to cut short our ringing).

Ringing, 2 October 2021

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