Ringing, 23 October 2021

We had three people today (Andrew, Jane, and Randy), so rang Minor. We got a bit of a late start, because Jane discovered a tree branch in her yard that fell from a tree in her neighbor’s yard, causing a little fence damage. After some discussion with her husband, we started ringing.

We started with St. Clements College Bob (we rang a LOT of that method today). We started with Andrew on the trebles, Jane on 3/4, and Randy on the tenors. After a plain course, we rang a small touch, but couldn’t get through it. So we moved on.

We then switched bells, with Andrew keeping the trebles, but Randy taking 3/4, and Jane on the tenors. The 3/4 pair is hard, and Randy struggled. But after a few attempts, he succeeded, and we rang a plain course a couple of times.

We then moved to a touch of a splice of St. Clements College Bob with Plain Bob. This was fun, and after one failed attempt, we succeeded. For this touch, Randy rang the trebles, Andrew rang 3/4, and Jane rang the tenors.

We finished our time (before the usual speed round) with a longer touch of St. Clements College Bob. By this time we were a bit tired, and could not succeed after two attempts, and so conceded the method.

The speed round was different today. We rang Plain Bob at a fast pace, but Jane decided we should do a “silent touch”, or “unconducted touch”. It was simple – a plain course with a Single at the end before coming to rounds, and then a Single again to make it come round (for a total of 120 changes). We got it first try, with Randy on the trebles, Andrew on 3/4, and Jane on the tenors.

Ringing, 23 October 2021

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