Ringing, 30 October 2021

We had 4 today! It’s always more fun to ring Major than Minor, right?

It was a fairly simple day, though. We started with St. Clements College Bob with Andrew on the trebles, Maggie on 3/4, Jane on 5/6, and Randy on the tenors. We rang this 3 times, but just a plain course. Randy says he is really starting to understand the tenors of this method, and is enjoying ringing them. (He previously rang the trebles, and has that down pat.)

After spending 40 minutes or so ringing that, we decided to start splicing it with Plain Bob. With one false start (Jane called a change in method at a place that brought us to the end too quickly), we rang a fun and good method (I don’t know the length). Towards the end, we were ringing Plain Bob, and Jane told us to pick up the pace, since it was going to remain in Plain Bob until the end.

We didn’t end with a speed run of Plain Bob as normal, but the end of the splice was a good substitute.

Ringing, 30 October 2021

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