Ringing, 11 April 2022

We were just three tonight, Andrew, Maggie, and Randy. So we rang minor. For the entire night, Randy was on the trebles, Maggie on 3/4, and Andrew on the tenors.

Normally Jane conducts us, but we had so much luck with Andrew conducting the quarter peal last time that he conducted tonight. We started with a touch of St. Clements College Bob, and struggled a bit. We rang the plain course just fine on the second attempt. But then we added a bob at the home position, and promptly crashed. We thought about how that bob would change things, and so tried again, but this time starting right at the bob. It took us a couple of attempts, but we eventually were able to ring from that point to the end, ringing a 180 touch of St Clements College Bob Minor. It really felt like an accomplishment!

So, with just a few minutes left in our rehearsal time, we decided to ring a plain course of Plain Bob Minor, but then Andrew convinced us to let him call some bobs. And so we rang a 180 course of Plain Bob Minor, with Andrew conducting. And did it correctly on the first attempt.

It was a good night, indeed!

Ringing, 11 April 2022

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