Ringing, 18 April 2022

We were three tonight, with a guest coming who had never rung bells before. Whenever that happens, Jane requires them to ring rounds and plain hunt, and tonight was no exception. Nia was able to ring the tenors to plain bob minor after just a few minutes of training (and a bit of help). But then she had had enough, and we let her excuse herself.

So Jane, Maggie, and Randy rang a bit of minor. Jane hurt her elbow playing too much drum, so we were all mixed up in our positions, with Jane ringing the trebles, Maggie ringing 3/4, and Randy ringing the tenors. Jane and Randy were in positions that they were not used to ringing, and so St. Clements College Bob was a struggle. We finally got it (which after last week’s performance was surprising). But were only able to ring a plain course.

We then decided to do something unusual, which we had done a few weeks back. “Original” is a method that is just plain hunting, but allows bobs be placed at any location (not just the lead end!). So you could ring 654321 and then 645312 because a bob had been called. At first, we were each calling bobs in turn, but then Jane decided on something different and had Maggie and Randy ringing minimus on 3/4 and the tenors, with Jane ringing the tenors at the back. It was goofy, and a nice break from the struggle.

We finished with a fast plain course of Plain Bob minor, and called it a night.

Ringing, 18 April 2022

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